The film recounts the fate of four survivors of Jewish origin who were sent on their own by their parents to Sweden during the Third Reich, with the so-called “Kindertransports”, in order to save them from the Nazi terror – and experienced a trauma which exists even today, with feelings of loss, loneliness, uprooting and a sense of guilt. Their stories depict the tragic fate of a winner who is at the same time the loser of his own salvation. Most of them never saw their parents again. Sweden gave only 500 children shelter.

Info & Credits

Director                                                Gülseren Sengezer

Director of Photography                   Mathias Toivonen

Executive Producer                            Gülseren Sengezer

Co-Production                                     So Bê-Film

Editor                                                    Mathias Toivonen

Music Composer                                Rickard Age

Musicians                                            Lars Ydgren 

                                                              Olav Luksengård Mjelva 

Dialogue Editor                                   Melissa Pons

Drone Operator                                   Mathias Toivonen

Voice Over Artists                              Annika von der Decken

                                                               Vincent Ferrari

                                                               Kerstin Gandler

                                                               Stephan von der Decken

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